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Water Testing FAQ

Here is a Water Testing FAQ and pricing for the most popular services we provide.
This is only a guide; please request a quote or call us for pricing for your specific needs.

1. Bacteria$25.004. Iron$18.00
a.) Present\Absent$25.005. Lead$30.00
b.) Count$27.006. Manganese$18.00
c.) Weekend Rate$30.007. Nitrate$18.00
2. Alkalinity$10.008. PH$10.00
3. Hardness$18.009. Total Dissolved$20.00

Why should I have my water professionally tested?

The primary reason to have your water tested is for peace of mind. It’s a good idea to know if your drinking water is safe! Of course, if you notice any odors, unpleasant taste or discoloration of your water, it’s important to conduct water quality testing as quickly as possible. Having your water professionally tested provides more accurate results than using a do-it-yourself test kit. DIY kits may provide false positives or unreliable results. As a certified lab, Campbell Laboratory’s tests will provide better water analysis for you.

When do you accept samples?

We accept samples Monday through Thursday. Friday and weekend tests require a slightly higher fee.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Checks payable to: Campbell Laboratory.

Pricing subject to change without notice.

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