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Wastewater Management


Wastewater Testing & Management

The need for water analysis at wastewater treatment plants is driven by monitoring requirements of the Federal and State Environmental protection agencies. This monitoring can result in weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and annual wastewater testing to assist operators in maintaining and protecting the environment.

Campbell Laboratory offers full service for wastewater treatment plants and their operators to assist with the care of these important systems in our communities. We provide environmental field services with on-site wastewater testing capabilities. Our laboratory staff can provide sampling, water analysis, and completion of reports, forms and permits.

Our wastewater data management capabilities includes state specific reports, with custom forms, electronic filing options and periodic reporting that satisfy the requirements of local, state, and federal agencies. Our data collection and reporting can include hourly, monthly, yearly, historical, forecasting, violations, multi-year and custom reports and graphs. This service is centered around the wastewater plant operator’s needs for management and compliance to create better outcomes that are important to the environment and residents in our communities.

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