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Conduct well water testing for your home every year.

As a homeowner, your personal well is your most vital source of water and its water quality should be checked and maintained every year.  There is always the possibility of unexpected changes to your well that can result from flooding, drought, or changes in your system’s components (holding tank and plumbing). This is why we recommend annual well water testing with the Coliform Bacteria Test that analyzes Total Coliform and E. coli (fecal contaminants) in the water.

Our Certified Test Methods are accurate, meet EPA Guidelines and provide results in 24 hours.

The EPA has set the maximum contamination level for total coliform and E. coli to zero organisms per 100 ml sample. To adhere to this standard set by this federal agency we use the Colilert defined substrate test which is EPA approved to simultaneously determine the presence and absence of both total coliform and E. coli in water.

Other bacteria test methods can take up to several days, provide a bacteria count and can be susceptible to interference from other organisms. Our certified test method takes just 24 hours, provides a simple presence/absence result, and is less susceptible to interference. In addition, this method is more specific which reduces the possibility of a false alarm.

This test service for your well water both ensures compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, and provides you with a peace of mind. Campbell Laboratory’s adoption of this testing method reflects our commitment to providing you with quality water testing.

Other important tests for water includes tests for hard water and lead. In addition to well water testing, Campbell Laboratory tests your pool water to ensure its safety for your family.

Gas Well Drilling – Water Testing

Gas well drilling has the potential to impact water sources. A single gas well can utilize and produce hundreds of thousands of gallons of fluids during drilling operations and during the years of gas production. The discovery of gas reserves held within shale formations and the use of new horizontal drilling methods have dramatically increased drilling operations and gas recovery efforts in our region.

Pre-drilling well testing of your private well and springs on your property is necessary to establish a baseline for the quality of your water source. Subsequent monitoring and well water testing may be performed during or after drilling operations to verify that your water source is not impacted.

Campbell Laboratory can assist you with complete sampling and testing of your well water and provide ongoing well monitoring services to alert you to any changes in your water quality.

Please contact us to discuss your testing needs, or request a quote and get started.

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