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Water and Waste Water Quality Control est. 1972

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Our Story

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Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary in 2022!

Campbell Laboratory started in 1972 by the late James M. Campbell. Before his retirement as manager of the New Brighton Pollution Control Plant, he recognized the need for laboratory services to wastewater treatment plants and their operators. Our story began when he created and established the laboratory in his residence at 1900 Third Avenue in New Brighton PA, its current and present location. At the beginning the laboratory service operated two or three evenings a week for the sole purpose of supplementing retirement income for Mr. Campbell. The increase in state regulation of wastewater plants pushed demand for these services in Beaver County.

Through the network of plant operators, Mr. Campbell assisted in conducting monthly meetings at different plants to solve problems to bring them into state compliance. This established a customer service philosophy within the business to always go the extra mile, assisting in solving problems for the client. Ready to retire but understanding the demand for water testing lab services in Beaver County, Mr. Campbell called upon his son James K. Campbell to continue the business.

Though James K. was working full time, he sacrificed a few evenings a week to conduct wastewater testing of samples from small sewage treatment plants. The services of the laboratory had grown to include sampling and analysis of drinking water, well water, pool water, storm water and various industrial outfall sources. In October 2011, the third generation of the Campbell family acquired the laboratory to continue its water quality testing services to Beaver County and surrounding area. Campbell Laboratory is currently owned and operated by the leadership of Doug and Cindy Campbell. Doug is the son of James K. and along with Cindy, continues to build on the mission and water analysis services established by the previous generations.

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