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Water and Waste Water Quality Control est. 1972

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Campbell Laboratory LLC
Water Testing For Home, Business and Public Water Utilities

Campbell Laboratory is a water testing lab offering home and professional water analysis. We test well water, drinking water, pool water and more! We want you to get to know your water, so give us a call or request a quote. We’ll consult with you on your water concerns and give you the peace of mind that your water is safe for your family or your employees! Learn more about our home water testing and monitoring services.

We also offer testing services and offer assistance to municipal water suppliers, wastewater plant operators, well drilling companies and many other professional service businesses that have a direct concern with their customers’ water safety.

Because water is “what we do,” we’re fully certified to provide you with reliable results. We also want you to be an informed consumer, so be sure to check out our resource links to learn more about water quality and regulations.

We provide water testing for private water sources and wells.

We offer sampling, analysis and numerous waste water data management capabilities.

We provide sampling, water analysis, and completion of reports/forms/permits.

We provide well drilling companies with quick, accurate water testing services.

We provide home and commercial inspectors with quick, accurate water testing.

Water testing pre-monitoring, and after gas drilling.

We provide water testing services for public and private pools.

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Wastewater PA State Certification
Wastewater Plant Operations


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